Hampstead Entertainment Promotion

Hampstead Entertainment Promotion

Hampstead way of approach in this field is through "consulting sales" based upon detailed survey of marketing data for each individual client. Wide range of knowledge and experience at Hampstead from WEB solutions, mobile solutions, video and other vehicles enable client to visit us and acquire all requirements. Hampstead will create a team and manage planning, reporting, configuration, design, writing, printing for each client. In this way, we are confident that client will be amazed to feel the level of quality, speed and accuracy.

Promotion based on WEB site management

Support development, planning and management of WEB site with optimal design and advanced system

  • Network server
  • Graphic design, usability design
  • System design, development
  • Develop cross-media promotion
  • Shipping from the sale of EC total solution

Proposing of promotional goods from various angles

Graphics, printing, novelty, video, character etc.

  • Deploy complex tools that can be tailored to the purpose of promotion
  • Offer items in line with client's brand image
  • Cost-effectiveness, speed, accuracy, and ensure quality